Coming up: TISSUE Magazine Mixtape N°20 by KONSTANTIN of Giegling May 2014, premiering on Berlin Community Radio.

(“This is going to be a wixtape for real.”
"Wix" means to wank in german language. 
Seems like the briefing was clear, Christoph Moerl.)


It’s nice,
because it’s TISSUE’s very own and first animated gif!
Photography: Tim Bruening, Sep 2013 

Why TISSUE N°5 will see the light in October 2014?!

Read the complete interview with Leigh Ledare
as published in TISSUE N°3 now on

Find the Mixtape as a stream here:

It’s fish-y friday …
TISSUE Magazine’s Journal de Cock N°2 
by Christian “Büschi” Bueschenfeld:
The Society of Crossed Swords

DEO & Z-MAN (mafiosibros.) served us with a well-done laidback funky downright sexual hip hop based jacking TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 19 premiering Apr 3rd 3pm (CEST) on Berlin Community Radio

Note: tomorrow, 3 pm (CEST),

The picture to this mixtape is shot by Marili Andre and is an excerpt of TISSUE Magazine N°4

Find the complete article about Miroslav Tichý by Grashina Gabelmann including an interesting collection of newly discovered drawings by himself as published in TISSUE N°3 in February 2013 here:

We uploaded the complete “Sexmappe” of Thomas Bayrle as featured in Tissue N°3 here:

Look, we’re on

Fly your own flag!

TISSUE Magazine's Journal de Cock N°1
by Christian Bueschenfeld

Angga Pratama is the man behind our risky shots. He’s based in Indonesia where the mind is not free and you can get massive problems if you are going for nude or anything else which is fun.
He already shot a dicey story in an Indonesian art gallery for TISSUE N°4. This time please enjoy Nastia.

Angga says: “We basically wanted to do a Kinbaku shooting, it took us a while because we couldn’t find the ropes here in Indonesia and this is the best rope we could find. Nastia loves bikes, that’s why it’s in it.”

See her complete publication “Hungry For Love” based on collages made of über-photographer Terry Richardson’s pictures on

There is a lot of good stuff coming from Munich these days. German ZEITmagazin called Munich Germany’s design capital. Music wise there is also one guy to watch: Multitalent Marvin Carl Schuhmann is a DJ, one third behind TAMBIEN (ESP Institute/PP) and co-owner of Munichs very special record store/ label PUBLIC POSSESSION. Joanna Swistowski ( and Rapper Ron Foto are calling him Munichs most handsome boy.

Public Possession – the record label and local record store run by Marvin himself and Valentino – is celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Saturday. We wish them all the best and can not wait to celebrate with them together some time this year. If you are in Munich be sure to visit Public Possession and if you are lucky you might crash into one of their infamous instore sessions.

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Dania Shihab’s exclusive hotel analog selfies